What is Google Adwords?

What is Google Adwords? What types of Ads Can Be Shown?

Google Adwords is a digital advertising service launched by Google in 2000. The ads are associated with search words or interests. The ads can be displayed at the top of Google’s search results or at the bottom depending on the bid amount.

Apart from the search network, you can show your brand’s or your business’s ads on Youtube, internet pages with Google partners, Gmail and mobile applications.

Google Adwords ads is a platform that can be used not only by large businesses but also by medium and small businesses as well, individuals can also advertise on the platform.

How Does Google Adwords work?

You can configure your Google Adwords ads using different campaign strategies such as cost per click, cost per impression or cost per conversion. Google Adwords is an auction-based advertising platform.

What is an Auction-Based Ad?

The keyword where you show your ad has an average cost based on the campaign location, campaign language, number of people who run an ad campaign with the same keyword and the amount of allocated money to the campaign. The cost is determined by Google and may change in real-time in accordance with the submitted bids.

For example, let’s imagine that we are planning an advertising campaign for the word “Creatzen”. Person A creates a campaign in Istanbul between 9 AM and 6 PM and sets the cost per click (CPC) for a maximum of £0.10 for the word “Creatzen”. If person B sets a cost of £0.11 per click with the same campaign settings, then the advertisement of person B will appear on the top in Google search results, while person A’s ad may appear under person B’s ad. Of course, there are many factors that affect ad rankings, such as ad quality score, ad text and description and keyword – page content compatibility. However, the offer amount is always the most important factor.

What Kind Campaigns are Available with Google Adwords?

1- Google Search Network Campaigns

This campaign shows your ad above or below organic results in searches related to the keyword you chose to advertise.

In this campaign type, you can also show your ad on searches on Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Images and Google Maps.

2- Google Images Ad Network Campaigns

The Google Images Ad Network allows you to show your ads on browsed web pages, video tabs on Youtube, mail tabs on Gmail and mobile apps.

Being able to precisely show your products or services to the right potential customer base with Google Images Ad Network campaigns will help you to increase your sales.

3- Video Ad Campaigns

You can show video ads to promote your product or service in YouTube search results, at the beginning or in the middle of videos, in the suggestions section on the right side of the video page and on video sharing sites with Google Partners to reach your potential customers.

You can show skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, non-stream ads, video Discovery ads, bumper ads and YouTube masthead ads on desktop, tablet and mobile sites.

4- App Ad Campaigns

If you have a mobile app on the Google Play Store or AppStore, but you are not satisfied with its discovery and download rates, you can advertise your own application in other mobile apps used by your target audience and reach your potential customers with Google Adwords.

What Should Be Paid Attention in Google Adwords Campaigns?

When planning a campaign on Google Adwords, the following should be considered in order to keep the cost to a minimum and outstrip competitors:

You should determine the best campaign budget for your intended result.

You should do a keyword study before the campaign.

You should make sure that advertising titles and descriptions should be in conformity with the keyword and the text is encouraging people to engage with the ad.

You should use search term reports efficiently.

You should continuously analyze advertising performances and optimize them.

You should block your ads from showing in unrelated locations.

You should adjust location targeting and time intervals to suit you.

You should prepare a detailed negative keyword list.

You should optimize your landing pages.

If these are carefully considered, it is possible to create a successful ad campaign.

If you want to show your ads to the right potential customer group with minimum cost and get better results by outcompeting your competitors, you need to work with a professional team. If you want our team of Google AdWords certified people to create campaigns that suit you the best, you can check out our Digital Advertisement Consultancy service.

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