Social Media Consultancy

Operations are carried out for brands or businesses to accurately market themselves to their potential customers in the scope of this service. The aim to increase brand awareness, reach the right target audience and increase income with the use of regular operations.

We manage digital assets of your brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We increase your sales by marketing your business and products to the target audience created specifically for you, introducing your brand and facilitating the competition with your competitors.

What is done within the scope of Social Media Consultancy?

In the scope of Social Media Consultancy, your brand is represented in the best way on social media platforms, and your content is managed in a way that suits your business. By examining your accounts, analysis studies are carried out and efforts are made to improve the connection between your target audience and your brand.

Content Management

Social media is built on consumption. Content is consumed and forgotten quickly after a short time. For this reason, care is always taken to produce creative content for your brand.

Social Media Tracking

Every content on social media related to your brand and business is checked regularly to prevent a possible crisis situation from growing.

Online Reputation and Crisis Management

Any crisis situation that may occur in relation to your brand is predicted and precautions are taken according to different situations. An action plan specific to your brand is prepared for crisis situations.

Digital PR

Developments you want to announce about your company are published not only on social media platforms but also on channels such as search engines, blogs, forums and news sites.

We work with you, not for you! In order to grow your business, we treat it as our own business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Consultancy is a type of service provided for brands and individuals to accurately describe themselves to their target audiences and to regularly improve their presence in digital channels.

Social Media Consultancy service is a work that can continue as long as you want to keep your brand on digital channels and increase your business. You may see a positive impact on your business in the short term, however, it generally takes a few months to get the full performance. Since competition is always high in social media platforms that focus on consumption, we recommend that you continue to work on maintaining your existing position by presenting your brand correctly on social media and increasing your business.

Social Media Consultancy helps you to accurately represent your brand on digital channels, improve the communication between you and your potential customers, and market your business and products in the most accurate way. Thanks to this service, your brand awareness and the number of customers you reach will increase day by day, increasing the turnover of your business.