Digital Advertisement Consultancy

With this service, advertising campaigns are planned on digital platforms determined by conducting an accurate audience analysis for businesses that want to increase their brand value and increase their sales. The planned campaigns are followed in detail throughout the process and improvements are made continuously as a result of the analyzes. In this way, your target audience is determined more accurately for you and your brand’s ads are shown to the right potential customers, and your product or service sales are increased.

Managing all these processes by a professional team making the right analyzes is the most important factor that will enable your business to grow. Therefore, as Creatzen, we recommend our digital advertising consultancy service that will help you market your brand correctly and increase your sales.

What is done within the scope of Digital Advertising Consultancy?

First, which digital platforms your brand exists and how it stands on these platforms are examined. The way to increase your sales is to determine the right potential customers for you as your target audience. Many studies are carried out to identify the right potential customers, and after your ads are posted correctly, the conversions are analyzed in detail.

Google Adwords Advertisements

With Google Adwords, it is possible to sell your products, reach your potential customers, increase traffic to your website, improve brand awareness and access, or promote your mobile applications.

Instagram & Facebook Advertisements

It is possible to increase your sales by easily accessing your potential customers thanks to the advertisements that can be made through photos or videos on Instagram and Facebook social media platforms.

Youtube Advertisements

It is possible to increase your sales by promoting your brand or service by reaching Youtube viewers easily with different advertising strategies and enabling users to reach you.

Linkedin and Twitter Advertisements

Depending on the needs of your brand and the type of service or product that you offer, campaigns on platforms such as Linkedin and Twitter can directly reach your target audience and promote your business to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital advertising is the advertisements displayed on the digital platforms, where the advertising budgets allocated by the companies that want to increase their brand value and increase their sales can be spent on the right audience are shown on the internet.

Conversion refers to a statistical rate that represents the main goal set for a user to become a member of your website or purchase a service/product, and so on. The higher the conversion rate, the higher your earnings will be. It is considered a conversion if a potential customer purchases any of your products or benefits from your services in the process after seeing your brand’s ads. If your ad was shown to 10 people and 1 out of 10 people made a purchase, the ad’s conversion rate is considered to be 10%.

Sales funnel is the name of the process starting from where you first reach your customer until you earn money.

A landing page is a page that a user sees after clicking the action button used in the ad. Landing pages are special pages that describe your product or service and offer a proposal to the user. As a result of the offer, it collects contact information from a user that allows sales to be made over the internet. It is intended to be accessed faster than normal internet pages and designed with the user experience in mind.

A fixed budget is not required for digital ads. Access is provided to people in direct proportion to the budget allocated. The more budget invested, the more it will increase sales. For this reason, we recommend that you start your advertising with a budget that is suitable for you and increase your advertising budget as you increase the income of your brand or business.

When digital ads are managed by a professional team, the right target audience for your business is determined and your ads are shown at the most affordable cost to this potential customer audience. In this way, your revenue will increase as your income from conversions will increase over time.

Normal ads require ore budged than digital ads. When you publish ads on television, magazines and radio, it becomes difficult to follow the feedbacks as your target audience is not fully known. However, in digital advertisements, you can show your advertisement to the right potential audience at minimum cost and you can follow all the statistics in detail throughout the advertising process.

Google Adwords is a digital advertising service set up by Google. The advertisements of the party advertising with AdWords are associated with the searched word; shown at the top of Google’s search results or at the bottom of the bid. Apart from search ads, you can show your brand’s or your business’s ads on Youtube, websites affiliated to google partners and mobile applications or on Gmail.

You can advertise on Facebook and Instagram platforms as a single visual or single video as a cycle. You can add your ads between stories on Instagram and you can advance the sales funnel steps by pulling users to your landing pages or profile with action buttons such as “get more information” or “buy”.

Users who see your ads on any digital platform are included in your sales funnel process in the most convenient way for you. It is mostly tried to carry out the sales transaction or to get the contact information of the user by drawing the user to the landing pages prepared specially for you with the buttons such as “get information” or “buy”, giving detailed information about the service or product. However, in some campaign types, different strategies are used, such as obtaining contact information directly, attracting the user to your website or directing them to your Instagram profile. No matter how the user who sees the advertisement and gets in touch with your brand is acquired, the main focus is always to ensure that the potential customer performs the sales funnel steps in the healthiest way and converts by purchasing your product or service.