Website Service

The website service ensures that your brand or business is professionally presented online so that everyone can easily reach your business.

As Creatzen, we have three different website services depending on your need;

What is done within the scope of Website Service?

While preparing your website according to your needs, professionalism is always prioritized. The secret to growing your business is always in the details.

Mobile Device Compatible Website

Your website, which is prepared professionally according to your needs, is set up in a 100% mobile device compatible manner on tablets and phones in a way that will not cause any problems about user experience.

Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization

In order to acquire traffic from organic search results and for users to navigate your site without any problems, all the processes regarding both speed and SEO rules are carried out comprehensively.

Unlimited Revision Opportunity

You have the right to infinitely revise the prepared website we have prepared until you fully approve it and deem it worthy of publishing.

SEO Consulting Service

We offer advantageous opportunities in our SEO Consultancy service to our customers who benefitted from our website service and want to grow their business on digital platforms.

We work with you, not for you! In order to grow your business, we treat it as our own business!

Are you ready to grow your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO adjustments are very important to increase the traffic that your website can receive on search engines.  For this reason, the rankings of your site in the search results are tried to be kept at the best possible level by google analytics setup, adjusting the meta tags on your site, adjusting the titles on your pages such as h1-h2, testing the authenticity of the content added to your site, SEO compatible naming of the images, and editing the sub-titles of your site.

To speed up the website, numerous processes are carried out such as installing a browser cache, reducing unnecessary SQL queries, minimizing HTML, minimizing and merging CSS files, minimizing and merging javascript files, setting gzip server compression feature, removing javascript codes that create rendering, installing lazy load system, asynchronous installation of google fonts, compressing images and converting to webp format, balancing HTTP requests.

Within the scope of the On-Going service, the general statistics of the site are reported in detail on a monthly basis, SEO settings of the content added to the site are made, uploaded images are compressed, subtitle information is entered, technical maintenance and updates are made and solutions are produced for the needs and changes for the site.

The Cache system is a browser caching feature. The internet browser stores the codes and images on your site and ensures that the loading time of your site is significantly reduced the next time the same person visits your website.