Growth Marketing Consultancy

The first step in Growth Marketing Consultancy service is to examine, research and analyze your business completely. There may be one or more reasons why your business cannot reach the desired position on digital channels and grow. The important issue is to identify these problems and to apply innovative solutions that are specially developed to the problems correctly and effectively. 

Managing all these processes by a professional team and carrying out analyses is the most important factor that will enable your business to grow. Therefore, as Creatzen, we recommend our Growth Marketing Consultancy, which is a growth-oriented marketing strategy for your brand.

What is done within the scope of Growth Marketing Consultancy?

First, the visibility of your business on digital platforms is examined. Finding the right potential customers for your business leads to growth as it will increase the conversion rate of service to sales. You can only reach the right potential customers if you are on the right digital channels and display your brand correctly.

AARRR : Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral ve Revenue.


Acquisition is the step where potential customers acquired. In this step, we reach your targeted potential customers through different digital channels and ensure that they reach your brand first.


Activation is the step that we call “carrot”, the proposal is made that allows your potential customer to progress towards becoming real customers.


Retention is the step that takes the necessary measures for your customers to continue working with or buy products from you. In Retention, the goal is to is keep your existing customers.


Referral is the step in which you acquire new customers by positive referrals about you and your business from your existing customers to their acquaintances.


Revenue is the step that covers all of your business’s revenue generation processes. In this step, the aim is to increase your income channels and create alternative pricing offers.

We work with you, not for you! In order to grow your business, we treat it as our own business!

Are you ready to grow your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Growth Marketing is a marketing approach that enables your business to grow and increase your income by detecting problems that prevent an enterprise from achieving its targeted income and implementing innovative solutions.

Growth Marketing can be continued as long as you continue your business as a business is always open to growth. In addition, growth marketing consultancy is a time-consuming task as it includes detailed research and analysis. Although you can see positive changes in the short term, the overall impact of the work can vary from a few months to a year, depending on the status of your business.

After determining the right growth strategy for your business, we can increase the turnover of your business by facilitating the “Sales Funnel” process progress of the potential customers you have reached with the AARRR growth model.

Sales funnel is the name of the process starting from where you first reach your customer until you earn money.