What is AARRR Growth Model?

What is the AARRR Growth Model?

The AARRR growth model, which is one of the foundations of the Growth Marketing, was first introduced by the founder of 500 Startups, Dave McClure, and is now used as the DNA of the growth process.

The AARRR growth model consists of steps that will increase your income by recommendations to their social circles from customers after they first contact your brand and receive services from you.

What steps does the AARRR Growth Model consist of?

AARRR takes its name from the initials of five important steps. So what are these steps?


Acquisition is the first step in where you contact the users. The acquisition process is completed by reaching and your targeted potential customers enabling them to find you in the most accurate way through digital channels.


After the first contact with your potential customers through digital channels, a special offer called “carrot” can be presented on a website, landing page or social media profile specifically created for your target audience. You may also use different interaction tactics with the user to get them to interact with your business.


Not losing the user who has become your customer is the step in which the necessary actions are taken to ensure that they continue to receive services or products from you. Your customers are tried to be connected to you again through re-marketing activities such as special e-mails or SMS to the target audience and special offers.


This is the step that you acquire new customers from people who were your customers before, by conveying your service or products to potential customers in their social and business circles in a positive light. It is a very important step as it is easier and less costly than acquiring a customer from scratch.


Revenue is the step that covers the entire process of income-earning for your business or brand. In this step, it is aimed to increase the amount of income you receive from digital channels and to produce alternative income models.

Why AARRR Growth Model Matters?

You can grow your business in a short time and increase the monthly turnover of your business, thanks to the Growth Marketing work carried out by using the AARRR growth model and developing the Sales Funnel steps. Thanks to the AARRR growth model, you will introduce your brand to potential customers, gain new customers and at the same time retain these customers and their references.

Thanks to the minimum cost, you can gain new customers and grow your income exponentially over time.

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Are you ready to grow your business?

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